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A Teeny Tiny Letter from Sebastian

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Dearest Chickens,

As I wander the moors of the Scottish Highlands, gathering heather for my well appointed and luxurious country manor, my mind can't help but drift towards you, my dear audience.

Your love and admiration warms my heart, pushing me to want to make a difference for myself, for you and for the world! But what can a lowly, wealthy, World Famous Supernatural Historian, Public Figure and Social Media Influencer do?

How do I, a high-profile man-about-town with the many demands from ROYAL society, my vast estate, my delightful corgi children (Pippa, Nigel, Churchill, Dudley, Finn, Elizabeth, Margaret and Georgie Girl), my high-demand and always sold-out lecture schedule, and of course my needlepoint, Irish lace making, knitting, heather gathering, garden roaming, bird watching, jam making, coloring book coloring and belly-button lint collecting, find the time to make the world brighter, happier, more loving and most importantly more gayer?

Well, my darlings, welcome to my website and my podcast.

This website will feature all of my podcast will feature my incredibly entertaining and enlightening lectures in podcast form, future book publishings, delicious interviews and ground-breaking thoughts and opinions. Be prepared to laugh, cry, think, laugh some more and scratch your head, as we begin this journey together. And remember dear chickens, Love is love, Born This Way, Love Wins, and most of all, Keep Calm and GAYLY Carry On!

With unconditional love and radical inclusion,

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