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Greetings from the well-appointed library of my humble manor house, located in the gorgeous Highlands of Scotland!


It is my understanding that this is where I supposed to go on and on and on about who Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge is...  Should I mention that I am a World Famous Supernatural Historian and lecturer, a social media influencer, a public figure, pet video posting aficionado, the darling of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the honorable Duke of Brackenridge, incredibly charming and breathtakingly handsome and of course the gayest man of the UK?

The Dowager Duchess of Brackenridge, aka my mother, says that would be terribly bad form and in poor taste to do so. So I guess I won't.  

Hello chickens

Above: The Brackenridge Sheep: A special breed of sheep that are only found on our estate. These darlings are known for their amazing wool, which is so soft it is often mistaken for Cashmere. 

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