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I remember the very moment I fell in love with the people, the culture and the history of everything that existed across the pond. It was very, VERY early on the morning of February 6, 1981, the wedding day of Lady Diana Spencer and HRH, Charles, The Prince of Wales.  A beloved queen, a handsome prince and a beautiful lady, the stunning  Westminster Abbey,  page boys and flower girls, a white dress to end all white dresses and a tiara!!!!  It was everything a gay 13 year old boy could want and more. I was a complete goner.


I'm sure you can guess what I did the day after the Royal Wedding. I began watching every possible  BBC television program and documentary, and checked out  every library book I could find  on  the United Kingdom.  When I  went on to studied ballet, I was given the opportunity to preform with Sadler Wells Royal Ballet and it was simply amazing meeting the dancers and learning the British style of ballet...which of course deepened my love for the kindom across the pond.

And that's how  Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge was born. It's my love letter to England, Ireland and Scotland. It's also my love letter to all of those brilliant LGBTQ+ youth because I know had Sebastian existed when I was a teenager, it would have made a huge difference to me.


As a nation, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you have demonstrated unconditional love and radical acceptance of everyone, regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, religion,  gender and numerous other  differences that make our world a wonderful adventure for all. Considering your LGBTQ+ history, including some of its darker moments, you have come a long way and matured in ways every nation should be proud to mimic.


Thank you, dear chickens. Let's see what we can discover. 



Don't be shy, Chickens...  Reach out. I don't bite*(* at least not all the time...) 

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